Natural Birth vs C-Section

Studies on the rates of cesarean section versus natural birth report that in the US as many as one third of babies are delivered surgically.  Healthcare researchers are concerned that this rate of C-section is between three and six times higher than optimal rates determined by World Health Organization (WHO). That the US has much higher than the 5-10% C-section rates recommended by WHO is more concerning due to additional studies that indicate that surgical deliver rates above 15% have been associated with harm to the baby and mother.

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Types of Scars

Our bodies are amazing works of nature that on average last almost eighty years and sometimes longer. There are so many processes that have to happen to take us from being a tiny baby at birth to a full grown adult and ultimately a senior adult.  One of the ways that we come in contact with the people and the world around us is through our skin.

Yet sometimes life throws you curves that end up leaving their marks on your skin in the form of scars.

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How Herpes Spreads Unseen

The herpes virus comes in several forms, with type 2 or HSV-2, known as genital herpes being the most prevalent sexually-transmitted disease among adults.  In the US, the Center for Disease Control has determined that 16.2% of individuals from 14 to 49 years of age have genital herpes.  The disease affects more women as male sexually partners are more likely to transmit the disease during sexual contact. Most people have heard or read about how herpes is spread and are likely to believe that sexual contact with a person who has an active genital herpes infection is the only way to acquire the infection. What is a cause of concern is how often people may be spreading genital herpes without even knowing they are carrying the infection.

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